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    We specialize in Concealed Carry Handgun Training; a provision of the NC Concealed Carry Law. We also offer basic pistol instruction for those who have no experience with handguns. NC does not require a license, but a permit,  for both the purchase and concealed carry of handguns. We serve Fayetteville, Hope Mills and  the greater Cumberland County area.  We will travel to other counties if a classroom and range is provided.

     When you are looking for firearm instruction, you want to know that your instructor has the knowledge, skill and experience required. Will Merriman’s life experiences give him a unique, street level, everyday perspective in his instruction that the student  can relate to. As a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor,  Will Merriman will provide you with the personalized training you seek.


In July 1995, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted a Concealed Carry Handgun Law that allows qualifying citizens of North Carolina the opportunity to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun. As a provision of this legislation the individual must complete a required training program in the use of deadly force, carrying a concealed handgun and demonstrate proficiency in the use of the handgun.